GI Wake Up Call

Yikes. I hadn’t checked all month, and I’ve been busy with all this other stuff and sure enough, traffic was down in May at GI. I got really pissed because all of us have worked MUCH too hard to let this happen, especially so close to E3 time. Something had to be done.

I did a few things. Here is what I accomplished and what I need to do.


  • Raised the alarm for the writers. Some definitely responded impressively.
  • Held a chat with the Associate Editors and explained to them the bigger plan involving this site plus XOF. They are all on-board.
  • Wrote some very important posts for GI and XOF and got them published
  • Compiled a list of 12-14 very important keywords (all long tail) and URLs that I want to improve our rankings for
  • Chatted with an SEO service found at WF with very very positive comments in their huge thread. After chatting with him, we struck a deal and hopefully this all works out. I’m rolling the dice but this should work out okay.

Need to do with GI:

  • Ad on CL to find more writers, especially for the news
  • Write a couple more articles
  • Get up the rest of the critical keyword articles
  • Get up some PR-juicy sites, link them over to GI (there are 2-3 I can do this with that I own right now)

Thats all I can think of. I had a red bull but it had no effect, I guess I’m immune to the stuff again. Time to cut back on those. I had way too much shit in my system… coffee in the AM, vanilla latte in the afternoon, redbull in the evening? WTF am I doing to myself lol.

So Much to Do, So Little Time

Project 1: New Site = Xbox One Fans

Alright, so… what a week. I have up and running and looking good. I am going to add content daily… nothing fancy but good stuff. I’ll then work with folks to get more content and with fiverr to try to really ramp this puppy up quick. Official logo purchased on fiverr and waiting on that one.

Project 2: Paid WSO for Niche Guide

I don’t have too much left here to do. I need to receive the reviews and make sure the reviewers will post a week from today. I need to create the sales page. Then I need to … wait to launch it. Cool.

Project 3: Paid WSO for Buku Blogging Bucks

This is the one I really have a lot to do. I have a lot of the course outlined, but I don’t have final slide decks for the modules. I have a ton of making up to do. I want to launch this 2 weeks after I do the previous WSO. I also need to pick a vendor over at eLance for the OTO, fortunately, there have been some great bids so I am not worried.

Project 4: Gaming Illustrated v5.0

The alpha test went really well! I was excited to see it perform so well and look so good. From a very dubious start my developer redeemed himself big time. I’m really impressed. I think we’ll be in Beta next week and launch JUST in time for E3 hitting the goal. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Project 5: Flipping One of My Xbox One Domains

I bought four other domains for Xbox One and I think I can flip them for a good profit – more than I did the names. I am seeing names on eBay go for anything from $100 to $5,000 … but I don’t know what will actually sell. I think my names are better than even the ones selling for $5k. I’m going to list one now, for four figures, and just see what happens. Who knows. Ideally I make enough to buy myself and my core team … the new Xbox! (or the new PS4, their pick) I listed one of the better domains… we’ll see if it fetches any offers.

Project 6: List Building

So, I have a little list but it’s doing pretty decent. The solos went pretty well and all things combined, my list is at about 95 people. Now, there are a TON of unconfirmed folks that might trickle in over the next few days so if that number goes up I’ll be happy. When my Blogging WSO is ready, I’ll create a freebie version and route Solo Ads to it, with the upsell being the WSO and ideally, the Solo Ad pays for itself, which I think it should.

Xbox One Derailment

Totally derailed by the Xbox One bombshell today. The bombshell was that it was NOT named Xbox 720 or Infinity and that it was something that nobody saw coming. I QUICKLY snatched up as many good domains as I could think of and got, what I feel, are five *premium* domains that I am looking to get stood up and running. I’m planning to keep one as a sister site to GI, and then probably flip the rest.

For Buku Blogging Bucks…

No, in the mad scramble to get my first paid WSO off and running I have not forgotten my “main” big huge second paid WSO. I am still working on the OTO and I’ve settled on outsourcing for three custom WordPress themes. I think that compliments the “how to be a pro blogger” nature of my video course. I’m really getting excited for this one to launch, I think it’ll do well, but until I really have a big list and know some affiliates I should temper expectations.

Anyways, I posted on eLance the gig and I’ve gotten one decent response. There are other pouring in so we’ll see how it goes. Here’s what I need to do for this one …

  • Finish slide decks
  • Record the videos
  • Complete the OTO
  • Set up the launch date
  • Outsource for the sales page
  • Secure reviewers
  • Get affiliate assets up
  • Announce upcoming launch to affiliates

That’s it in a nutshell. On top of the 295 other things I need to do I should be busy well into July to say the least.

Niche Guide Launch Checklist

Oh man, lots to do…

Product: 46-Page Affiliate Marketer’s Niche Intelligence Report Q2 2013

  • Secure a minimum of 5 reviewers
  • Coordinate reviewers with WSO Launch
    • They have been informed.
  • Create the JV page
  • Create Download Page
  • Upload ZIP file to Amazon S3
  • Put up product on Warrior+
  • Put up launch on WarriorJV
  • Put up launch on that page
  • Pull product from JVzoo?
  • Firm date and time for WSO release to reviewers
    • Wednesday, May 29th 2013 @ 11am EDT
  • Receive reviews
  • Create the sales page
    • Notes on what makes for a great sales page

WSO Research

I really want to be the type of marketer that is thinking three or even four products down the road. Once I get BBB off and running I’ll be moving on to my second project. Then a third, then a fourth. I had outlined a few projects but I wanted to really figure out how to pull one paid WSO / product launch off first before going any further. Now that this date is quickly approaching I need to start spending time outlining my next product.

What I plan to do is run some metrics on popular products at JVzoo, Warrior+ and ClickBank. I’ll see what seems to be selling really well, look at what I might have some expertise in, and then put something together. I’m debating the merits of actually writing up a nice guide for people and selling that as my first WSO just to build up a nice buyers list. If I break even I’d be happy, but I’d really want it to be something nice. I’m thinking I might just offer up my OTO that I already wrote… I think it’s pretty killer and selling it at a $2.95 price point as a WSO might do really well.

The more I write it the more I think I’d be better off finding a few reviewers of the Niche Guide and putting together a WSO. It’s a great guide and I poured a good 10+ hours into it.  So yeah in the middle of writing this post I starting IM’ing people who might want to be reviewers. Okay so let’s REALLY think about this… and WOW I suddenly have two confirmed reviewers in the span of 3 minutes. I’ll try to get 5 or 6.

So here is the plan:


  • Goal: Get people on the buyers list
  • Product: Kickass 45+ page niche guide
  • Price Point: $2.95 dimesale
  • Reviewers: 5-6. Confirmed: RG, TH
  • Upsell: Custom Report
  • Affilaites: Sure. 90% FE, 90% BE
  • Sales Page: Self Made

PAID WSO #2: Buku Blogging Bucks 17-Video Course

  • Goal: Develop reputation as a quality product creator, build affiliate relationships, Experience the full paid WSO cycle
  • Product: Amazing 17-video course from A-Z for bloggers
  • Price Point: $6.95 dimesale FE
  • OTO Upsell 1: ?? (WordPress Themes?) at $17
  • Reviewers = 6-10. Confirmed: None
  • OTO Upsell 2: $99 custom report for your niche
  • OTO Upsell 3: $199 2 hours of coaching on skype
  • Affiliates: 100% FE, 90% Upsell 2, $50% Upsell 3
  • Downsell: $49 abbreviated custom report
  • Sales Page: Outsourced

Duh – The Right Way with Solos

Not sure how I got crossed up on this but I was on pace to blow a ton on solos because my OTO doesn’t really convert well. Lesson learned. However, I’ve thought about what Fergal taught me in one of his courses and the light bulb went ON. So the workflow will be:

  1. Build Paid Product – Video Course
  2. Take the course’s best video, turn that into a freebie
    • Squeeze Page
    • aweber integration
    • OTO/Upsell integration saying “this is just one video from the whole course, to check it all out go to…”
  3. Send solo ads to THAT squeeze page, build list of freebie seekers plus convert VERY well so that it pays for itself
  4. Launch WSO along with this
    • Builds list of buyers from WSO
    • Builds list of buyers converting from freebie
    • Builds list of freebie people

Then, I should have a “self paying” solo funnel building a massive list. I have to figure out how to get people from the squeeze page to the sales page and hook up that sales page to a payment processor (WSO-W+? Or JVzoo? I don’t know). I’ll supplement this with some other list building techniques, such as guest blog posts, sponsored blog posts and maybe a newsletter advert. So that would mean that I am building my list via:

  • “Self Paying” (ideally) solo ads
  • WSO
  • Blog advertisements
  • Blog guest posts

That list seems pretty solid. I think there will be some trickle in effect if I post more in relevant threads at WF too. I feel satisfied about this list building effort now. I’ll use my guide as an add-on for my WSO to add value and I’m thinking now about the OTO and Upsells I can provide for the paid WSO. I might have to spend a few bucks, but getting some custom WP themes or a cool plugin (not sure what) would be good. Upsell 2 could be a customized report / consulting time?