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Hosting a Casino Party

Sat 10 June 2017 Hosting a Casino Party

Casino Parties & Events Equipment Rental can create the authentic feel and excitement of Las Vegas at your next party or social gathering. People enjoy the rush that comes with sitting at the blackjack table and the simple pleasures of a few tempting poker games. Whether its adding a touch of unforgettable class to a special event or starting a new annual gambling party tradition, Casino Parties & Events Equipment Rental can suite your needs and help to ensure that you exceed all the expectations of your guests. The packages that we offer can be as simple or as in depth as you need them to be. Casino Parties & Events Equipment Rental has the appropriate equipment and event planning capabilities to cater to any and every occasion, from company Christmas parties to private 21st birthday parties. Feel free to take advantage of our expert event planner and put your heads together to design the perfect custom package that is going to fit your occasion and classification of your guests. We have some great ideas to share with you from past events, and we would love to develop new ideas with you as well. With us, the sky is truly the limit. We will ensure that your party or event will have the latest and most authentic casino equipment that is currently available. This will create the real feel of Las Vegas without the air fares or expensive hotel fees. Casino Parties & Events Equipment Rental will insist on the accuracy of every detail from the cards and the dice, to the chips and the tables. We understand that you have an event to manage and people to entertain, so we will deliver, setup, and pick up all of our equipment for you. Who says fundraisers can’t be fun?

We believe that it is absolutely necessary that they are, because people who are having fun will be more in tune with the cause. A fun-themed event with us will keep the money flowing between our fantastic selection of casino games and your worthy cause. Our event planner will be more than happy to assist with marketing, acquiring local business sponsors, and seeking credible donations. Casino Parties & Events Equipment Rental wants to be your partner for fundraising projects and goals. We focus our selection on the most popular and highly sought after casino games like: roulette, craps, Texas Hold ‘em, and poker, just to name a few. We pride ourselves of having dealers who are knowledgeable, friendly, and who are great teachers for those who may have never played a certain game. Casino Parties & Events Equipment Rental would like to help you put together the best Texas Hold ‘em Tournament that your friends have ever seen. With our professional dealers and beautiful hosts, we are positive that we can create a tournament that your guests will be talking about for years to come. Casino Parties & Events Equipment Rental would like to attend one of your company events.

This will create a casual and very welcoming environment for employees, existing customers, and potential new customers. Our professionalism and premier image will compliment your business appropriately at trade shows, company Christmas parties, expos, and any other occasions that may be unique to your industry. A party thrown by us may also be the incentive that employees need to participate in company wellness plans, 401k enrollments, or annual safety reward programs. If you have ever had the interest to work in a casino environment, we may be just the ticket that you have been looking for. The various jobs in the gaming industry range from dealer to porters and exist in big cities all across the country. Why not gain your experience with us and live in the excitement that follows this industry, first hand, every time you punch in for work? Casino Parties & Events Equipment Rental would like to hear from you and talk about your plans for the future, if the gaming industry intrigues you. Now is the time to call us and get a plan together! Regardless of your needs, ideas, or budgets we can work with you to give you the results that you demand. The time has come to get your customized casino party planned and under way. Contact us today for additional information and to check our available dates. We look forward to hearing from you, soon! What other says “I wanted to drop you a note and thank you so much for making Austin’s 13th birthday such a hit and so memorable! The boys had a blast and loved the poker theme… a nice alternative to




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