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How to judge online casinos

Fri 12 May 2017 How to judge online casinos

There are a few exceptional and a lot of not-so-exceptional online casinos out there. What distinguishes one from the next?...Game selection, software, customer service, payment and withdrawal options, respectability, and of course, casino bonuses and promotions The unfortunate truth is that some of the casinos offering the biggest promotions and largest number of progressive jackpots, lack in several of the above mentioned departments.

A $1,000 Welcome Bonus is great, so long as you don’t have to wait ten minutes for each new game to load.Below are our five fave casinos online: the ones that combine real playability with big bonuses. Check them out and see if you agree.: Playtech software, the biggest selection of flash games online, and an unbelievable $3,000 Welcome Bonus package make Tropez one of the best bets online. Its tremendous average player volume is testament to its popularity.: For fans of 70 and 90 ball bingo, Foxy Bingo offers some of the best games and biggest prizes anywhere. You get $10 free when you deposit $10—we know that sounds absurd—but when you consider that the average cost of a bingo card is 10 cents, it all makes sense.

Foxy’s sister site, Getminted.com, boast more casino games and a $1,000 Welcome Bonus package.: This poker, casino and all things gambling mega-giant is, indeed, Titanic. Its games are fast, graphics great, customer service award-winning and player rolls enormous. Honestly, its bonus package won’t wow you. It’s respectable, if not stellar. But the lesson here is that you shouldn’t be sucked into a $1,000 bonus if the gaming experience will cost you that much in therapy.: One wordelegance. Europa Casino boast a sophisticated design and easy-to-navigate site structure, which is perhaps why it is the online casino most preferred by European players. Its 100 games, progressive jackpots and $2,400 Welcome Bonus are additional calling cards.: Renowned as the oldest and most comprehensive gaming site—it boasts sub-sites committed exclusively to sports betting, bingo, casino games and poker—888.com has staked its reputation on customer service. As far as casino games go, the selection is small; fewer than 50 games, to be exact. But what 888 lacks in quantity, it makes up for with quality. Game graphics, cash out efficiency and a huge customer base make it a smart choice.




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