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How to play Bingo

Thu 08 June 2017 How to play Bingo

Bingo is one of the most famous of casino games around the world. It is not just famous in a few countries, but all over the world. It is completely a game of luck and one cannot predict what the outcome of the game will be. Bingo was mainly played as a game while socializing. People used to play it in long halls with many people involving in the game. Now bingo is mostly played, there may not be much of socializing, but it is a great way of entertaining oneself. But the players can have experience of playing in a real casino within the comforts of their home.

Bingo is a game completely determined by luck. But there are few rules to be followed in the game. The players have to buy bingo cards, which will be in a 5x5 grid pattern of columns and rows. Within the 25 boxes, numbers (basically between 1 to 75) are randomly selected and are placed within the grids. When the numbers are being called out, if the player has those numbers, he has to mark it.

The player who is the first to strike out all the numbers has to scream “bingo”, claiming that he has won the round. Then later when the card has been checked, the winner will be declared. Even if each column or row is filled, the player wins something. Bingo is based purely on a person’s luck. This game is mostly played by all bingo lovers across the globe. It is definitely not a strategic game. One may or may not win the round every time.

But there are a few tips and strategies that can be followed to increase your chances of winning. Some of the tips and strategies are: Play with sites that offer lesser betting amounts, so that you can bet with a higher amount. Betting on a lower price may not increase your chances of winning. Play on sites with lesser players. Chances of winning might be more where there are lesser players. Always check the reviews of the sites before joining in. Keep track of the bonuses, which can help you double your prize money. And keep playing tournaments; this will help you enhance your gaming skills. These are some of the tips that can be followed while playing bingo. Bingo is a classic game; entertaining, profitable and will help you socialize at the same time.




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