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Mansion Poker Review

Fri 19 May 2017 Mansion Poker Review

In 2007 the company that owns Mansion Poker merged its own software with the Ongame network. They have fixed many of the problems that haunted the initial software, including traffic problems. And have bounced back with a first class online poker room. There is tons to do at mansion poker and many, many competitions and plenty of low and medium stake games which makes playing on this network a dream. More improvements included freerolls which allow you to win up to $15,000. They also run guaranteed prize tournaments up to $300,000. You should defiantly try out the new versions of Mansion poker.

Pokerroom Review

Fri 19 May 2017 Pokerroom Review

Pokerroom is one of the biggest and most popular poker rooms in the world, it's also one of the longest established. Pokerroom offers a wide variety of different games, a reasonable sign up bonus of 50% up to a maximum of $200. There are some brilliant tournament qualifiers including WPT and WSOP. I really enjoy using this software and I think it's one of the best I've ever used. You can also use a non download browser version if you are running Mac or Linux. Even though it doesn't have an enormous sign up bonus or loyalty rewards it's great fun. The competition is normally pretty good so you get a good game, and they have fantastic tournaments section, what more could you want from a pokerroom.

How to judge online casinos

Fri 12 May 2017 How to judge online casinos

There are a few exceptional and a lot of not-so-exceptional online casinos out there. What distinguishes one from the next?...Game selection, software, customer service, payment and withdrawal options, respectability, and of course, casino bonuses and promotions The unfortunate truth is that some of the casinos offering the biggest promotions and largest number of progressive jackpots, lack in several of the above mentioned departments.

Types of Slot Machines

Thu 11 May 2017 Types of Slot Machines

Slot machines have been known for nearly 100 years. During that time a great diversity of slots has been introduced. Nowadays we can play traditional versions of slots (lever-pulling, coin receiving), as well as modern versions. Video slots have become very popular recently. Everyone can find something for themselves. For instance, you do not have to worry if you have little funds for the game. There are various denomination slot machines. To play one kind of slots you need to have only a penny, but for some other you need $10 or even more (in high roller section). Slot machines may look different from the outside: there are various sizes, colors and sounds. Despite these differences, all slot machines work precisely in the same fashion. There is one mechanism, which controls all games. Slot machines are controlled by a computer which is called a Random Number Generator (RNG). So, there is no difference whether there are numbers or pictures displayed on the wheels of a slot machine. Everything depends on the computer programming – RNG. In the United States there is a law which says that there is a minimum payout percentage required. If the minimum payout is 90%, it means that for every wagered $100, $90 have to be paid out to the players. Minimal payouts vary depending on the place you gamble. Although it is not a settled sum, the minimal payout amounts from 85 to 92%.

Winning Strategies on Slots Online

Thu 11 May 2017 Winning Strategies on Slots Online

Prior to playing online slots, the slot player must acquire knowledge on the necessary tools of slots. For one, the slot player needs to make decisions on coin size, coins per line, and the available pay lines. Choosing the size of the coin can be manifested through the buttons of minus and plus. Next, the slot player can choose how many coins per line are necessary through the button termed "Select Coin." The pay lines selection happens through the button termed "Select Lines."

Playing Video Poker

Wed 10 May 2017 Playing Video Poker

What follows is a transcript of a free-flowing conversation I had with both Angela and Phil concerning her video-poker prowess and gambling in general. It is the story of a gambling couple from the very first time they went to Vegas until they became "regulars" in Atlantic City. I think it is instructive because I see Angela and Phil as the quintessential "recreational" gamblers. Their joy and their delight come as much from the playing of their games as in the beating of the casinos. They are, in fact, the everyman and everywoman of casi-noland—except for one thing: Angela is a monster winner, and a prodigious, Herculean player as you will see.

Your First Online Poker Game

Mon 08 May 2017 Your First Online Poker Game

Do you actually think you are prepared for your 1st journey to a poker room? If you are , then be ready to get involved in a thrilling online poker game.

Roulette online

Sun 07 May 2017 Roulette online

Next to slots, Roulette is one of the most popular casino games of luck. It is one of the most played casino games, both online and offline. The game has simple rules and if you are lucky enough, you may walk away with big wins. Roulette has random number generator built-in software that determines the outcome of a spin, therefore, it is completely random. No skills will help you win big money, but there are certain betting strategies that may help you increase your advantage over the casino. Because of the popularity of the game, there are many roulette variants. The following are the best roulette games played by many casino players throughout the world.

Placing Bets

Fri 05 May 2017

There are millions of bets placed on sporting events throughout the season. The winning and losing bets constitute an equal amount. The question most of you are asking is, what is the best way (if any) to improve on the winning ratio?

Doyles Poker Room Review

Fri 05 May 2017 Doyles Poker Room Review

Lots of people have probably had some experience with Doyles Room in the past, the previous version of the software was based on the Tribeca application. However Doyles Room has recently improved a great deal and is no longer limited to being a small network. Doyles Poker Room is now associated with Microgaming software which is more commonly known as Prima Poker. It&39#;s a completely new experience, even for anyone already experienced with Doyles Room. You will be able to benefit from wonderful promotions. Some of the tournaments have changed, but new ones have been introduced to cater for the influx of players.

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