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Pokerroom Review

Fri 19 May 2017 Pokerroom Review

Pokerroom is one of the biggest and most popular poker rooms in the world, it's also one of the longest established. Pokerroom offers a wide variety of different games, a reasonable sign up bonus of 50% up to a maximum of $200. There are some brilliant tournament qualifiers including WPT and WSOP. I really enjoy using this software and I think it's one of the best I've ever used. You can also use a non download browser version if you are running Mac or Linux. Even though it doesn't have an enormous sign up bonus or loyalty rewards it's great fun. The competition is normally pretty good so you get a good game, and they have fantastic tournaments section, what more could you want from a pokerroom.

I really enjoy the lobby software. It's very clean and clear, it's easy to see where to go. There is also a lobby chat which you can use to ask for help from other members. There are also lots of different settings that you can fiddle around with which adds variety. Also pokerroom have some of the nicest table systems out of all the online poker rooms, it's very intuitive and great fun to use. All the interesting characters are included in this software including a James Bond look-alike! Sometimes the actual games are a little bit slow, but that shouldn't cause too many problems.

During peak hours pokerroom attracts around 10,000 users. 70% of these users will be attracted to the tournaments, of which Texas Hold'em is the most popular. Traffic at mid stake tables has grown quite considerably recently.

If you are looking for a website to play tournaments then you've come to the right site. PokerRoom has many fantastic promotions, you can even play the WSPT (World series poker tour) through this site. Most action is concerned with the regular sit and go table tournaments. Most games range from $5 right up to $100. Freerolls are also available and open to anyone and everyone..

Pokerroom has an average selection of games, however it doesn't deliver different modes such as Turbo. Texas Hold'em is the most popular room and gains over 80% of the total traffic. You can also play 7 card stud, omaha and five card draw.

There's not a lot of fish on this network, however you can normally find some soft players to play against. It's normal for around 45% of players to flop at $2 and more in lower stakes. Playing higher stakes is much more difficult, playing below $50 should find lots of soft competition.

Pokerroom offers a 50% sign up bonus up to a maximum of $200 when you use the bonus code above. It's very clear all you need to do is gain 7 poker points per dollar within a period of 60 days. Pokerroom also offers a free ticket for entry into the shark cage, this is a beginners tournament which costs just $2 to play.

Pokerroom also offers reasonable loyalty bonuses other than just the sign up bonus. The points are known as Player Points Freerolls, you can also use these points to redeem against prizes, or convert them into money at 100 points per dollar, or 10,000 points for $150. You don't however get any bonus when re-depositing money.

Pokerroom has spent lots of time and money promoting their network. If you refer a friend then you will receive $50 once they have played 150 raked hands. You can also create your own rooms and invite people to your own tournament, great feature for getting all your mates together who you may not see too oftern otherwise. There is also a bustling bellagio promotion which is where you can win a place in the WSPT with full expenses paid.

Play at Pokerroom and get a $200 New Player Bonus




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