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Sun 07 May 2017 Roulette online

Next to slots, Roulette is one of the most popular casino games of luck. It is one of the most played casino games, both online and offline. The game has simple rules and if you are lucky enough, you may walk away with big wins. Roulette has random number generator built-in software that determines the outcome of a spin, therefore, it is completely random. No skills will help you win big money, but there are certain betting strategies that may help you increase your advantage over the casino. Because of the popularity of the game, there are many roulette variants. The following are the best roulette games played by many casino players throughout the world.

Also known as standard roulette, European Roulette is comprised of spinning wheel with 37 numbered pockets onto which a ball is dropped. The ball spins and lands on a number. That number is the winner. There is also a betting table that features the numbers from zero to 36. Players can bet on single number, two, three or four numbers at the same time. They can also place even chance bets like even/odds, red/black and high/low numbers. Even though it is a game of chance, players can use specific roulette betting strategies to increase their chances of winning. The house edge of the game is 2.7%.

American å Roulette. The only difference is that the spinning wheel has 38 numbered pockets. That is numbers from one to 36, plus zero and a double zero. With two zeros, the house advantage of this popular roulette variant is 5.26%. However, with roulette strategies like Martingale, Reverse Martingale, James Bond and so on, the house edge can be reduced.

French Roulette is in fact European Roulette but with a different layout of the betting area. The outside bets are renamed according to their French alternatives. For instance, the first, second and third dozen are named P-12, M-12 and D-12. Manque and Passe are numbers 1-18 and 19-36, while Pair and Impair are Even and Odds. The version is suitable for the French- speaking roulette fans. The rules and types of bets are same as in European Roulette.

This roulette variant is especially designed for casino fans that prefer to gamble form the comfort of their homes, but interact with the dealer in real time, just like in the land based casinos. Live Roulette follows the same rules and betting system like the standard one- zero roulette. The biggest difference is that you play in real time and you can chat with the dealer through the live chat feature.




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