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SportsBook Loyalty Program Review

Sat 24 June 2017 SportsBook Loyalty Program Review

SportsBook.com is one of the premiere destinations for various forms of gamblers all over the globe for a reason; they are excellent at what they do and they take very good care of their customers in almost every possible aspect. The only thing that has been generally lacking at Sportsbook.com has been their sports betting rewards system or any type of VIP program at all; the site has never implemented a comprehensive program that carried across all of their different betting platforms…..until now. This article is a review of the new Sportsbook loyalty program and what it means for gambler at that website.

As we’ve already said, SportsBook is an excellent overall website to gamble at. Besides their live sports betting features, they also offer well over 150 casino games (many of them with live dealers), a premiere poker network, and several other gaming options that cater to players around the globe. They are also renowned around the net for having amongst the lowest house odds of any gaming institution…which is quite a testament to their dedication to their customers.

Speaking of customers, SportsBook.com also has won consecutive awards for having the best customer service in the business. Their entire staff is super friendly and eager to help in any way that they can, which is such a stark contrast to so many of the other online casinos out there. Over one million subscribers gamble at one of the many SportsBook gaming options per month, with about 65% of them being European residents.

SportsBook has so many different customer loyalty promotions that it would be almost impossible to list them all in one place. Their poker room has a traditional VIP loyalty program that offers various levels of cash-back to players up to $1,000 per month. The casino offers numerous free money giveaways throughout the month, including a completely free $5 bet on Saturdays with absolutely no strings attached. As far as the sports betting loyalty rewards go, players can receive hefty instant deposit bonuses that can be used for immediate gambling. Then there’s the horseracing that offers an 8% instant rebate on any deposits…and we’re really just scratching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SportsBook promotions.

When looking at all of the bonuses and incentives separately, our staff has always been a little bit frustrated that the loyalty points do not carry from one section of the website to another. After all, just because someone plays blackjack does not mean that they so not want to bet on an occasional horse race or play in a poker tournament, yet the new SportsBook loyalty system still does not offer an inclusive reward for competing in all of these activities. If it did, then this would easily be the best gaming site on the entire web.

As much as it pains us to give SportsBook a bad review, their player loyalty system still leaves a lot to be desired. It has all of the aspects in place that you’ll find on other top gaming websites and they also have about 50 unique promotions/giveaways per month that you will not find anywhere else, but for some reason it still feels like it’s not enough. An option should be available for a poker player to be recognized as a VIP in the sports betting area and vise versa…but it’s just not there.

In all fairness to SportsBook.com, very few websites in cyberspace offer as much content as they do. Bet365 comes to mind in this instance and they do not offer an inclusive loyalty program either, so it’s probably unfair of us to hold it against such a great gambling website. After all, each section of SportsBook runs on different programs and accesses the cashier differently, so maybe it would simply be too hard to tie all of their content together for one massive loyalty program.




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