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Types of Slot Machines

Thu 11 May 2017 Types of Slot Machines

Slot machines have been known for nearly 100 years. During that time a great diversity of slots has been introduced. Nowadays we can play traditional versions of slots (lever-pulling, coin receiving), as well as modern versions. Video slots have become very popular recently. Everyone can find something for themselves. For instance, you do not have to worry if you have little funds for the game. There are various denomination slot machines. To play one kind of slots you need to have only a penny, but for some other you need $10 or even more (in high roller section). Slot machines may look different from the outside: there are various sizes, colors and sounds. Despite these differences, all slot machines work precisely in the same fashion. There is one mechanism, which controls all games. Slot machines are controlled by a computer which is called a Random Number Generator (RNG). So, there is no difference whether there are numbers or pictures displayed on the wheels of a slot machine. Everything depends on the computer programming – RNG. In the United States there is a law which says that there is a minimum payout percentage required. If the minimum payout is 90%, it means that for every wagered $100, $90 have to be paid out to the players. Minimal payouts vary depending on the place you gamble. Although it is not a settled sum, the minimal payout amounts from 85 to 92%.

In terms of appearance, slot machines vary a lot. There are many different types of slot machines. There are still traditional slots in use. They have the lever and reels (the three-reel slots are the most popular) on which the symbols are showed. There are also some modern machines, in which traditional wheels are substituted by the screen on which the symbols are displayed. The computer stimulates the spin of the reels as if they were real wheels. But even if the slot has real reels, they are not moved by a mechanism anymore. There is a computer which controls the machine’s work. The lever is often substituted by a “play” button. It is enough to push the button and the reels start spinning. The modern video slots give more opportunities for winning. In the case of traditional slot machines the player wins if there are three the same symbols in one row in the center. The new slots enable to play with more, different combinations of symbols, numbers, in more than one line. Depending on the type of a slot machine, the payout rates may vary, but despite all the differences between traditional and modern slots, the chances of winning are pretty much the same.

Various slot machines give different opportunities to win and offer diverse bet amounts. More traditional slot machines, with lever and real reels, have five paylines – the top, center, bottom and two diagonals paylines. In such a case, the winning increases to five times the made bet. For instance: if it is a quarter slot machine, the winning will amount to $1.25. Playing such slots you win more if you bet more. The difference between traditional and video slot machines is that traditional slots give five paylines, whereas video slots give even 20 to 25 paylines.

Apart from traditional and video slots there is also one more type – progressive slot machines. If you play a traditional slot machine, you win only if there are three symbols in a row. If you lose, your bet is lost and you have no chances to get it back. You may only hope that the next spin of the reels will bring you the winning. In progressive slot machines the mechanism of winning is a little bit different. If you lose, your extra bets go to a kind of a bank where they are kept. The bank gets the money from either one slot or a few slots, for instance from all the slots in a casino. This extra money waits there until a special, very rare combination is hit. It is called hitting a jackpot. All the extra money goes to the winner of the jackpot. The money are held in a bank until the jackpot is hit. The amount increases constantly. The current amount of the jackpot is very often displayed on the screens.

The progressive jackpot is a variation of a slot. Either traditional or video slot machines may be changed into progressive slots.




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