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Victoria's Poker Review

Sat 10 June 2017 Victoria's Poker Review

The lobby is the first thing you will see after you Install your Windows or Install your Macintosh free poker game software. From the Lobby, you may select a game, join a table, or watch others play. If the table you want to play is full, you can join the waiting list.

First, click on the create account button to open an account.

The Lobby will have the following information:

Click the appropriate tab: Hold'em, Omaha Hi/Lo, 7 Card Stud Poker, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, Tournaments, or Double Flop.

The Average Pot Size over the last 20 hands The Percentage of players who make it to the flop. The number of poker hands dealt per hour The number of players on the waiting list for each table. (You may join one table and remain on the waiting list for another. You will be notified when your seat becomes available.) The players list will tell you who is in the game and who is currently on the waiting list to play poker.

This is a screenshot of a table in play. When you have selected a game you wish to join, and click "Join Table", this is what you will see.

You may choose to sit in an empty chair by clicking on "Sit Here". The information box by each player shows the player's name, amount of money they are playing, and the last action they performed. The total amount of the pot is always on display above the chip rack. The dealer button (Hold'em poker and Omaha poker) indicates the dealer. It will be a white button on your screen. The dealer button moves one player to the left before each new hand is dealt. 5. The appropriate betting options appear on your screen when it's your turn to play.

*To increase the pace of the game, we have provided a set of "advance option buttons". You can choose any of these options before your turn. There are also option buttons for the following:

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